Here’s a story about Toronto plumbers whose lunch went to the dogs

There are some great stories circulating about the fixes that Toronto plumbing experts can get themselves in from time to time. The water services they need to work on are more often than not right in client’s homes and that means they run into some strange situations with the family pets every once in a while.

One of these experts was called to a home in the GTA for what was shaping up to be a big job where the homeowner needed both a new furnace and hot water tank. They got to the home early where the owner told them to go straight to the basement to get started through a side door.

“We shut all the water off before we started working on these water services,” the plumber said. “As soon as we disconnected the hot water tank and drained it to take it away, there was a barking upstairs.”

It seemed the owner had gone to work but forgot to shut his large dogs upstairs where they couldn’t get to the side door that lead to the basement where the Toronto plumbers were hard at work. The plumbers were trapped in the basement until later that day when the owner got back home from work to put the dogs away. Or so it seemed.

“I had a third year apprentice working with me,” that same plumber said. “He brought his lunch with him everyday but never left it in the truck. He always brought it right to the job site.”

That would make all the difference on that particular day. It seems the apprentice had some turkey sandwiches with him and by going up the stairs slowly with them in his hands, he was able to throw them into the living room and shut the dogs away by closing the door. Both men said later it was the first time having their lunch go to the dogs saved their working day.

That’s just the kind of dedication that you can expect from these experts. Whether you need a drain or sewers worked on, you can count on your local Toronto plumbing expert to get the job done right the first time. Most of these plumber professionals can be quite proactive as well with great services like hydro jetting that cleans out your pipes with bursts of water so there’s no clogs that can come back to cause you problems later on.












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