Faucet and Toilet Trends you Must Love!

These are faucet and toilet trends, they are not really inventions, and that have become very popular. Some will never grow old. Have a look at these trends contributed by a plumber in Toronto and pick the one you like the best!

Slow Closing Toilet Seats

You don’t have to look back and close the seat every time or have to fight over leaving the seat up or down. This one just closes for you when you are through.

Water Saving Faucets

Toilets and faucets can waste quite a bit of water. These low-flow kinds of faucets help you save, but will still do the job.

Heated Toilet Seats

This is not new, but for me it can’t grow old. I don’t particularly like the sudden cold plastic on my skin when you just have to go. If you reside in particularly cold areas, this is a luxury you should welcome.

Lighted Showers and Faucets

What I love is how these illuminate and brighten your tubs, showers or sink area. This can set you in a good mood, and can even be illuminated to synchronize with your music.

Hands Free Touch Electronic Faucets

Whoever thought turning on faucets was a chore? If you think of germ-infested faucets in public washrooms then this is not a silly idea. You do not have to touch the faucet with these hands-free devices. You can wash your food and hands contaminant free.

Share with our plumbers in Toronto your favorite faucet or toilet trend.


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Water pressure is a big part of your water services

You can see the faucets and water heater, as well as the some of the pipes in place under your sinks and the like, but there is much more to your water services than first meets the eye. In fact, some of the things you can’t see right away are some of the most important aspects that make your Toronto plumbing run smoothly.

Take the water pressure in your home for example. If it’s too high, you’ll get banging pipes and inconvenient water sprays. Weak water pressure means you’ll only get a trickle when you need a steady stream of H2O. Putting in larger sections of pipe will give you better water pressure if that’s what you need, and professionals in the plumbing arena that are on top of the latest innovations will be able to offer you trenchless technology so there’s no need to dig up your driveway or front lawn.

Getting the right service is all about knowing what to look for. Remember that good  plumbers in toronto companies like to leave a great first impression and the water services firm you can trust will have properly attired employees driving clearly marked trucks.

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Interesting Information about Indoor Plumbing

When it comes to our Toronto water services, we all tend to take our plumbing for granted – that is until something goes wrong with it, especially our toilets. Here are some fun facts that may have you giving this “modern” accoutrement a bit more respect.

Fixing a toilet tank is the do-it-yourself job done most often.

A worn out or faulty flapper is the cause of most toilet leaks – indicated by the inclination to jiggle the handle.

One leaky toilet can waste the equivalent of the water needed to fill a swimming pool.

Flushing toilets are responsible for 38% of water use in a household.

On average, each person in a family of three flushes the toilet four times a day.

Every day, 4.8 billion gallons of water is flushed away by Americans.

Masonry sewers, earthenware pipes and toilets were used as early as 2500BC in Mesopotamia.

“Plumbing” came from the Latin word “plumbum,” which means lead. Early plumbers used lead fixtures and pipes.

The first person to obtain a patent for a flushing toilet was Sir Thomas Crapper.

Massachusetts, in 1988, was the first state to pass a law requiring that all new or remodeled bathrooms have “low-flow” toilets. It became a federal directive in 1994 and now, all 50 states have adopted similar laws. Toronto water services professionals can install one for your home.


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