Here’s a few plumbing hints for choosing a bathtub faucet

Looking to revamp an existing bathroom or come up with a totally new design that will impress? Don’t forget that what’s old is new again and that means you should consider a freestanding bathtub and complementary innovative faucet designs.

Whether your claw foot tub is older or one of the newer brands paying homage to the styles of yesterday, having a faucet with exposed pipes that rise out of the floor is a classic touch. These can either rise above the lip of the side to spill down inside or poke through predrilled holes in the tub itself. The finished product looks great either way, but unless you’re reasonably acquainted with soldering, you’ll need to hire a  plumbers in toronto expert to make sure all the work is seamless and watertight.

Then there’s the deck mounted faucet more common with tubs that are enclosed. When it comes to these water services, there are generally two stylish choices that serve different purposes and look great. The Roman Tub faucet is mounted with two handles that control hot and cold water flows. The single handle is better if you’ve got children or elderly people living under your roof.



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