Toronto Plumbing Tips: Clearing A Sink Trap

Having a Toronto plumbing expert working with you doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know something about the water services in your house. In fact, there are many small jobs that you can learn that will help keep the sewers and fixtures inside you home running smoothly.

Clearing a sink trap is an easy job that any homeowner can do and the first step is to place a bucket under the trap to catch any debris or water that falls out once you take the assembly apart. You can loosen the nuts with channel pliers at first and then loosen them by hand until they slide away from the connections.

It’s best to clean the trap with a small wire brush so that you get all of the debris trapped inside. After everything is cleaned out it’s a good idea to check all the washers to see if any need to be replaced.

Finding the right Toronto plumber expert is also about getting a professional who understands innovation. Some of the best experts in this field understand how important it is to have video inspection capabilities to look under the house into the sewers  when there are problems that can’t be solved more easily.













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