Common water heater issues

Although there are new advances all the time when it comes to the water heaters in your home, these essential parts of your water services do have problems now and again and knowing some quick fixes is a valuable way to keep the hot water flowing.

The temperature and pressure relief valve is an essential part of a water heater since this is a fail safe system that kicks in when a thermostat sticks and the temperature starts to climb in the tank. It’s a good idea to check this all important device once every six months or so.

Another common issue with this part of your Toronto plumbing services package is sediment accumulation in the tank. If you’ve got an issue with sand or rust in your water supply, the chances are you’re going to get accumulation in the tank. To remedy the situation, you need to flush as much as possible from the tank by connecting a host to the valve and draining all the water out.

Anode rods need to be watched as well. These work by sacrificing themselves to corrosion, helping to prevent rust in your water heater. When they work under normal circumstances, these generally take about four to five years to fail. You can find the anode rod screwed in at the top of the water heater.









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